Frame Tents

Frame Tents are your most widely used tents and can be utilized for any type of event.  They provide a covered area without any obstructing center poles, making them more spacious. Additionally, this style can be held down to any type of surface making them ideal for grass, concrete, or asphalt.

Our Frame Tents can be used year round and are a great option to provide shade on a hot summer day.

This type can be used for everything from a corporate event, a wedding ceremony and/or reception, a birthday party, Fairs/Festivals, Non-Profit Functions, Fundraisers/Charity events, sporting events, film/movie sets, and much more.

30' wide Frame Tents

30' x 30' frame tent
9-60″ Round Tables w/72 Chairs
9-8′ Rectangle Tables w/72 Chairs


30' x 50' frame tent
10-8' Rectangle Tables w/80 Chairs
10-60″ Round Tables w/80 Chairs

1-60" dais table

2-72" buffet tables

1-48" cake table

12'x12' Dance floor

30' x 60' frame tent
13-8' Rectangle Tables w/ 130 Chairs
13-60″ Round Tables w/ 130 Chairs


30x50 go.jpg

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